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Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce Announces 147th Annual Meeting Award Winners

Macon, GA - On Friday, January 25th, representatives from the Macon business community gathered at
the Macon City Auditorium for the 147th Annual Meeting of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce.
Both individuals and businesses were recognized for their dedication and hard work to the Chamber and
the Macon Economic Development Commission (MEDC) over the past year.

The following awards were presented:

Ambassador of the Year: Sharon Jones, Alphagraphics

Large Existing Industry of the Year: MaconPower

Partners for Progress: The Partner for Progress Award is presented to the following companies as
recognition of the role they play in the growth and development of the Macon economy. Each
organization is a vital partner in the economic development process and their support of MEDC’s
economic development efforts has resulted in the growth of jobs and investment in the City of Macon
and Bibb County. Success in economic development is achieved when the community works together to
make things happen, and each of the below listed companies is a key partner in the progress that our
community makes to enhance the economic opportunities for all our citizens.

  • Bibb County
  • Bibb County Board of Education
  • City of Macon
  • Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority
  • Macon Water Authority

Small Business of the Year: Lowe Aviation

Citizen of the Year: Charles H. Jones

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