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Macon company named Georgia's 'Family-Owned Business of the Year'

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - A family business in Macon is named Georgia's 'Family-Owned Business of the Year' by the Small Business Administration.

Taylor Services started less than six years ago when owner Susan Taylor, a nurse for 20 years, entered the septic pumping business part-time. Since then, the business has blossomed, built on family values and customer service.

"I often have a lot of people ask me, 'How did you go from being a nurse to running a portable toilet company?' And I always just tell them, 'Bed pans to porta-potties, it's just all the same.'"

Susan Taylor doesn't know exactly why she got into the sanitation business, but today, she's glad she did.

Taylor Services began in 2006 when Susan and her husband Tim started a part-time septic business.

"We started and were going to be part-time, and it's turned into part-time, all the time, and overtime," said Tim.

The Taylors attended a trade show, where they were introduced to the portable toilet side of sanitation.  They brought 12 units home with a handicap unit in the back of a pickup truck.

Today, the business has about 500 units and a fleet of 13 trucks.  So what is it that the Taylors did right for their business to take off in this tough economy?

"Customer service," said Mitchell Turner, a construction project manager. "Whenever we have an issue, we need more toilets, or we need less toilets, we call them.  They jump on it immediately."

Susan feels being a female owner in this male-dominated industry has helped her business succeed.

"I think that that woman's touch in this industry is what is one of the things that's enabled us to be so successful, because we don't put just anything out there.  Even on the construction sites, we try to provide nice units.  We try to take care of them, because everybody deserves nice facilities."

Susan's mother Katie Barker, who handles accounting for the business, agrees.

"We've tried to make it a superior service, and it is a service business.  We seek to please, and I think that helps."

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