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Sheridan Earns Boeing's Performance Excellence Award


Sheridan earns Boeing’s Performance Excellence Award


Boeing presented Macon contractor Chris R. Sheridan & Co. with the 2010 Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award at a ceremony Thursday morning.

Sheridan was one of only 92 Boeing suppliers -- out of 28,000 suppliers worldwide -- honored with the award, Tim Taylor, manager of supply management/general procurement for Boeing in Macon, told the gathering at the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce.

Taylor called Sheridan a “top-notch supplier” that has provided “fabulous quality work” to the Macon plant for about 20 years.

Chris Sheridan said his company provides general contracting for the plant that has involved everything from “hanging a door to building a new plant.” One of its most complicated projects was installing the foundation for a “brotje,” an automated welding machine. The work involved digging a 100-by-50-foot hole, 37 feet deep, in the middle of the plant, then pouring a 4-foot concrete slab -- all while keeping the plant “dust-free” and in operation.

“It’s one of the things that helped keep Boeing competitive,” said Pat Topping, senior vice president of the Macon Economic Development Commission.

Sheridan was one of two Georgia companies to win the award. It’s also one of a handful of companies to win the award multiple times. Sheridan also won it in 2009.

Source: Macon Telegraph

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