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Environmental Company Stresses Employee Involvement

 Bev Cline, Financial Post · Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

Calco Environmental Group

Location Brockville, Ont.

Size 120 employees

Sector Manufacturer, environmental equipment

Market North America


Forward planning, reviewing and revising its strategies at every level of the company on an ongoing basis demonstrates why Calco Environmental Group is one of Canada's Best Managed Companies, says Bruce Lounsbury, president and CEO.

The company manufactures and sells equipment used for cleaning contaminated property and for treating wastewater and air pollution in industrial and municipal settings. The group is composed of Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment Ltd., Filter Innovations Inc., Packwill Environmental Ltd. and Steel and Services Inc.

Calco involves "all" of its employees in the process, says Mr. Lounsbury. Information gleaned from employee group sessions is fed up through the management team into annual planning sessions. From this vantage point, "we can determine our strengths and weaknesses, look at the opportunities in the marketplace and put together a set of objectives and an action plan for the next year," he says. Based on this plan, the company sets individual objectives which are then communicated back down throughout the entire organization, he says.

All employees are regularly informed about how well objectives are being met and on the company's financial performance. Each employee shares equally in the profit sharing plan, says Mr. Lounsbury.

While this style of profit-sharing does motivate employees and engender loyalty, "one of the most important keys to our success is the sharing of information; employees feel more engaged, understand what we need to do collectively to be successful, and where they, as individuals, fit into the organization," he says.

Calco Environmental allocates 2% of EBT to support diverse charitable, community and cultural endeavours and encourages individual efforts. As befits an environmental company, Calco Environmental delivers its engineering packages and manuals to clients electronically.

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