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Georgia Trend Magazine editor talks about worker personality types at Macon chamber awards luncheon

The leader of Georgia Trend magazine gave attendees ideas about how to be better business leaders at Macon chamber’s Business & Industry Awards luncheon at Macon State College on Thursday.
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Neely Young, who has led the magazine since 1999, talked about ways to build friends and teams of employees based on personalities.

One study by Laurie Beth Jones, author of Four Elements of Success, refers to personality types based on fire, water, wind and earth, Young said. He encouraged the audience to think about which one they represented as he described the types and gave an example of each.

• Fire: These personalities are motivated to take challenging tasks. They are passionate, unassuming, uncompromising and like to work alone. A good example of a “fire” is CNN founder Ted Turner.
• Water: This personality is sensitive to the needs of people and build lasting relationships. They are motivated by stability, are complacent, transparent. Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet is a good example of a “water.”
• Wind: This personality is motivated by interaction with people and enjoys a fast-changing pace. They enjoy networking and thrive on variety. They are restless, unpredictable and quick to move. A good example of a “wind” is Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft.
• Earth: These types tend to do well at accomplishing tasks and like an orderly process. They are steady, predictable, functional, solid and secure. A good example of an “earth” person with a “wind” side is Atlanta developer Tom Cousins.
“All these people claim the key to their success is not their own individual personality but the friends and associates who help them overcome their own weaknesses,” Young said. “It proves that opposites attract.”
After Young’s presentation, the finalists and winners were announced for this year’s Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce business and industry awards were announced.
The winner of the Industry of the Year Award was L.H. Thompson, manufacturer of precision machined aerospace parts and patented bicycle components.
Other finalists for this category were:
• Greene & Associates.
• Global Parts Distributors
• Lintech International
Geico insurance company won the Business of the Year Award. It is responsible for the Southwest region and has more than 4,600 Macon employees.
The only other finalist in this category was Secure Health, which offers health-related benefits administration and other programs for businesses.

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